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What is a Blog Hop?

Blog hops are events where a group of authors band together (usually around a theme) to offer readers some sort of incentive to go to their blogs and read their work. There is one central site where the participating authors are listed and readers (hoppers) can click through to the various blogs to enter giveaways or read samples of the authors’ work. Blog hops can take various formats. Some hops are for a limited time and authors offer giveaways to readers who visit the site and leave a comment or sign up on a list. 

Other blog hops are ongoing, and authors post small excerpts from a Work in Progress (WIP) or published work. I've chosen to make this an ongoing hop where boomer lit authors can sign up weekly to participate. Participation involves posting a short excerpt from a Boomer Lit WIP or published work on your blog on the day of the event, which in this case is every Friday. 

How it Works: 
Boomer Lit Friday features a weekly sign-form where boomer lit authors can register to participate in a weekly blog hop. There's also a FAQ page for authors that explains who is eligible to join and how to participate.

Please read the Author FAQ before signing up! 

FYI: While the weekly event is ongoing, authors can sign up to participate each week or not. Of course, the more regularly you participate, the most exposure your blog (and your work) will receive. The only requirement is that once committed to a date, you post a snippet or short excerpt on your blog on the day of the event. If you sign up and don’t post, your link will be deleted from the event’s main page. Repeated non-participation after registering will result in being banned from the event. 

Increased traffic to your site
New readers for your work who are interested in reading boomer lit
Networking opportunities with other authors in this genre

I’d love to hear your feedback and have you join the event, but please read the Author FAQ  first ;-) 

My best,

Shelley Lieber (aka Elyse Grant)

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