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What is Boomer Lit?

What is Boomer Lit? Is it here to stay? Why should you read it? All these questions and more are answered in these articles collected from around the web. If you have written about the topic, add your article and link in the comments. (Please stay on topic, however...if in doubt, look at the title for this page ;-)

From Shelley Lieber (aka Elyse Grant)
A Boom of Their Own: Baby Boomers Spark a New Genre...Boomer Lit

From Claude Nougat
All About Boomer Lit
Is Baby Boomer Lit the Next Hot Genre?

From Sandra Peddle
What Is Boomer Lit?
Does Boomer Lit Have the Potential to Save the Book Trade?

From Laurie Boris
Are You Ready for Boomer Lit?

From Lynn Schneider
Baby Boomer Literature – A New Genre?

From 50 Odd
Writing Boomer Lit...Life after 50

From Writer's Digest
On the Edge: Boomer Lit


  1. This was my take on Boomer Lit, published on my "Incomplete Passes" blog March 5.

    1. for some reason, Linda, the link didn't publish live. Here it is again:

  2. From a historical point of view, it is interesting to note the piece from Writer's Digest, dated 2008. There are at least two major publishers who, at that date, were interested in Boomer lit. If anyone can update this information, I would be very interested.

    Does anyone know of a major publishing house or an editor working there who is interested?

    We do have plenty of evidence that Boomer Lit sells. The success in 2012 of both The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a film based on Deborah Moggach's novel (published in 2004) and Rachel Joyce's The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, prove this beyond any doubt.

    Boomer lit however started earlier, in 2002 to be exact, when Louis Begley's About Schmidt, recounting the experiences of a retired lawyer in New York, inspired a film that took liberties with the original plot but was a huge success, featuring Jack Nicolson in the title role.

  3. this is terrific, I have enjoyed this blog, thank you

  4. I am a social media manager and consultant focusing on boomers and I had never heard of Boomer Lit. I look forward to reading some of the articles. You learn something new every day!

  5. I am a social media manager and consultant focusing on the boomers and had never heard of Boomer Lit. I look forward to checking out your site!

  6. Thank you for giving a name to a genre I was not familiar with. As a newly retired newspaper publisher and columnist, I am transitioning into what I guess passes for a boomer lit blog with plans to make some previous columns on aging gracefully (or un-) into a book. This is one resource I plan to check out frequently.