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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Boomer Lit Friday 3/1/13

Authors, add your name below to sign up for Boomer Lit Friday on March 1. If this is your first time here, please read the Author FAQ first! THIS LIST IS CLOSED. SIGN UP ON THE LIST WITH THE PROPER DATE


  1. This is the first Friday that we are going around the Net with Boomer Lit juicy snippets, and I have just gone around checking them all out - great reading, thanks fellow Boomer lit authors!

    I would just like to add that those who participate should make sure of 2 things:
    (1) make CLEAR the link bringing readers back to this website so that they can click and explore fellow Boomer lit authors (several of you forgot to put in the link to this site!)
    (2) enable the comment function (one of them was so complicated I couldn't leave a comment) and the share function in such a way that it is easy to comment and share to Twitter and Facebook, Google+ etc

    Not doing this makes one look like an author unwilling to collaborate with others which I'm quite sure is not the intention. It also backfires, because it makes it impossible to share with one's followers on Twitter and Google+ and friends on Facebook. A lost opportunity!

    Please note that I often tweet and (sometimes) comment as Boomer Lit, the name of our Boomer Lit Goodreads Group on both Facebook and Twitter.

    Remember to post and share on our Facebook page: and tweet using the hashtag #boomerlit - as BoomerLit on Twitter I will retweet your tweets!

  2. It was great fun wandering through the blogs and reading small teases from each author. Great idea. It definitely gives readers tastes of different styles of writing and helps them find their favorite genre.

    I found it intriguing that no two authors sounded alike in their style at all; not even close.

    R.W. Williams, author of "A Deadly Suggestion."

    1. That's the way it is with YA lit too: both genres are audience-centric. This means that the issues the genres deal with are the same, i.e. meant for a definite audience and responding to their needs and concerns (YA for young adults facing adulthood, Boomer lit for boomers facing the next big transition in their lives). But the way the books are written are vastly different, falling theme-related genres (like romantic suspense, erotica, thrillers etc)

      In other words, both YA lit and Boomer lit span across a wide range of genres - hence the reason why no two authors sounded alike, as you rightly noted!

  3. The first Boomer Lit Friday was hugely successful! This page got hundreds of hits and each participating author also reported increased traffic. From the comments on the various post, the readers had a good time as well. A win-win for everyone! Thank you all for sharing in this debut event!

  4. This was great. I got a lot of visitors and am looking forward to participating again. Thanks.