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Monday, March 4, 2013

Boomer Lit Friday – March 8

Authors, add your name below to sign up for Boomer Lit Friday on March 8. If this is your first time here, please read the Author FAQ first! THIS LIST IS NOW CLOSED.


  1. Captain Perry Campanella is in the middle of seven siblings, and the first to migrate back to Southern Fla. after living in New Jersey and New York. he is a retired Information Technology/Film/Music - Video Book Presentations professional who lives in Lake Worth Florida with single boomer, and cat, gator One eye and #1 dog, Boomer. Perry is the author of Contemporary Poetic Urban Voices, Two Daughters - Angela, Michelle - Prose from an age long life, and publisher for Boomers Lit.

  2. Once again, I would urge boomer authors who participate in this Blog Hop to read the Author FAQ: a link back to this website is essential to participate in the Blog Hop, otherwise it makes no sense. If you don't link back, you are giving out the WRONG signals: that you are not willing to help out fellow boomer authors in their efforts to make their work known!

    Also, please, don't publish the same excerpt week after week...It's disappointing to read the same stuff and not see something new and exciting!

  3. Congratulations Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hoppers! We had over 1100 visitors to this site in the last two weeks. I can report the all-tme highest number of hits to a single post on my blog for the snippet I posted this week :-D

    Please read Claude Nougat's comment, above. Remember to link back to this site, publish new content each week, and keep it brief. All of this is covered in the Author FAQ.

    Keep hopping and spreading the news via your social media. See ya next week at The Hop!

  4. Great blot. My first time here.